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Fight Aliens ,Guard Galaxy and Survive Aliens Attack on galaxy,As a Commander its your job to save the galaxy from nasty aliens.Get ready to play this action packed 2d shoot em up game.An Alien race has started attacking every planet they see.An assault on galaxy has begun and UAPKF is working to defend it! It’s time to fight! and prepare for the battle to save Galaxy! You are the commander of United Alien Peace Keeping Force (UAPKF) and its upto you to stop these crazy aliens and restore the balance of the galaxy .Pick up your weapon and eliminate all the terrorizing alien enemies.Your actions can decide the fate of the mankind.Aliens have started invading all the planets of the galaxy.They are attacking and raiding every planet they see.United Alien Peace Keeping Force (UAPKF) has statrted taking measures against the invading aliens.The Invaders did not like UAPKF Interuption so they attacked the UAPKF Headquarters.You are the commander of United alien peace keeping force.You have been assigned the task of defeating and eliminating these aliens.You are the only one to face the ruthless invaders and the one who can stop them,Save the galaxy from the 
tyranny of the alien invaders.This game puts you at the forefront of a battle with space intruders.
Aim at enemies and fire at will!
As the game progresses, you will earn the right upgrades to help you become more powerful and lethal. 
The Galaxy's future is now in your hands. Get your weapons ready for epic battles
Get rid of a large number of enemies while dodging their attacks
Destroy your enemies in a violent firefight 
Blow your enemies up to eliminate them
Get your weapons ready for this ultimate shooting action game. 
Please hold your arms up and face dangerous challenges ahead.
Take your weapon, strike your enemies with a hail of bullets,mines, lasers and rockets. 
Win this epic planetary battle against invading enemies.
Destroy and annihilate all the bad alien enemies with your powerful weapons
Upgrade the skills and abilities of your player make him faster, stronger, and more lethal.
You are one step away from action-packed combat and Limitless shooter action!
Play one of the most visually stunning mobile game experiences!

? Different kind of enemies.
? Challenging boss fights
? Amazing graphics, cool music and sound.
? Chaotically fast paced 2D action shooter
? Every alien has a distinct look and movement pattern

Use the joypad to move
Tap fire button to shoot
Your enemies will split into smaller savagely fierce, cruel, and violent versions of themselves!
Keep shooting to make aliens split apart into smaller aliens, again and again, until there is nothing left
The only good alien is a dead alien
Position your player into the game scene carefully ,Positioning is important because, crucially, you can only shoot straight up so Positioning is everything.
Keep an eye out for items that temporarily boost your damage or speed, and weapons like a laser beam, they all are enjoyable to wield and will help you in tight situations.
Your mission: survive until the mission is complete,collect coins like his life depended on it,it literally does because coins can be used to upgrade the player.
Blast your way through waves and levels infested with alien enemies as you survive.

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